Satisfied clients are our best reference.

We provide services for clients from various industry sectors, mainly:

Shipping: agencies, smaller operators
Real estate: project development, asset management and estate broker
Production: food, cosmetics, investment goods
Trading: cars, food, IT, tools 
Service: advertising, public relations, HR, IT, tourism 
Health: doctors and group practices of various disciplines
Non-profit-organisations: registered associations, foundations and cooperatives

The client structure can be summarized as follows:

  • about 400 clients in total, thereof 150 commercial clients
  • about 80 corporations in the legal structure of a GmbH or GmbH & Co. KG
  • about 20 clients with an international background, thereof 10 group companies
  • about 10 clients with sales of more than € 10 million, thereof 2 with sales of more than € 100 million
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Land in sight!

We take care that every cargo – as different as it may be – is kept well until its discharge.