Audit and more ...

The profession of a Certified Auditor includes much more than only classical financial statement audits.
We also offer comprehensive management consulting, such as investment-, financial and cash planning. Furthermore we have profound knowledge in company valuation and international accounting.

Financial statement audits and special purpose audits
At financial statement audits or special purpose audits our Certified Auditor is the on-site contact person instead of an inexperienced audit team. This enables a competent and efficient audit and spares your nerves.

Company valuation

There are numerous occasions for a company valuation. In case of acquisitions, departing shareholders, divorce and recently also for inheritance taxation a reliable valuation report is required. We prepare those following all the latest standards and developments.

International accounting

Even though only a few small and medium-sized businesses prepare their financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), it is expected that this will change in the foreseeable future. We have profound experience in conversion to IFRS.

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Port of Hamburg - 
numbers and facts

  • 10.000 vessels p.a.
  • Currently about 80.000 employees plus
    further 70.000 in port-related industries
  • 8 million containers handled p.a.