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Our clients come from a wide range of industries. The main focus is on shipping, real estate companies, manufacturing industry, trade, services, medical professions, non-profit organizations.


As a tax consultancy based not far from the port, our clients naturally include many companies in the shipping industry. In addition to smaller specialist shipping companies, we primarily support chartering brokers. Some of these belong to international groups, which is why we are also familiar with group reporting issues.


In the real estate sector, our clients mainly come from the areas of property development, project development, brokerage and asset management. The tax challenges in this area are complex and primarily relate to income tax and VAT issues. The constantly changing legal situation regarding real estate transfer tax must also always be taken into account.


In addition to numerous smaller manufacturers, our clients also include a number of medium-sized corporations in the consumer and capital goods sector. In addition to tax-optimized accounting, we also provide ongoing support for tax audits.


As one of the largest economic sectors in Germany, numerous wholesale and retail companies are also among our clients. The topic of internet trade with all its VAT problems (one-stop store etc.) is becoming increasingly important.


In the services sector, our focus is on companies in the HR and management consultancy and IT and software industries. As our clients‘ business in this area is highly international, our English language skills are of fundamental importance.


The requirement to use funds promptly and the permissible creation of reserves are ongoing issues for the non-profit organizations we advise, with which we are very familiar. Our clients include larger associations and foundations. We also advise trade unions and political organizations.